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Savage Poultry, Inc.
1310 Pine St.
Delmar, MD 21875

Alabama Office:
tel. 251-970-5271
toll free. 866-3SAVAGE
fax. 251-970-5273
» Lewis Wood
» Chris Fly

Maryland Office:
tel. 410-543-7900
toll free. 866-2SAVAGE
fax. 410-543-8919
» Billy Savage
» Ginger Trader
» Fred Cline
» Jeff Vivalo

Tennessee Office:
toll free. 800-869-3854
fax. 901-756-2510
» Dan Henderson

With 8 traders in 3 locations throughout the United States, Savage Poultry offers comprehensive access to markets nationwide. Our network of professional traders and extensive industry contacts enable us to provide our customers and suppliers with valuable information on market conditions and pricing.

Savage Poultry customers are represented in every facet of the industry, including major retailers, processors, exporters, further processors, foodservice suppliers, and discount grocers. Our knowledge of the industry enables our customers and suppliers to access and sell products in previously undiscovered markets, as well as to procure unfamilar products.

This expertise has resulted in many valued, long-term relationships with customers and suppliers. We at Savage Poultry are proud that they recognize the Savage Poultry advantage.

We'd like the opportunity to demonstrate how Savage Poultry can guide your next transaction to its most profitable outcome.

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